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1. Basic Facts About Mongolia

Basic Facts About Mongolia
Territory: 1 566 500
Population: 2.8 million.
Density: 1.5 per
Average altitude: 1580 m above sea level.
Time zones: 6, 7 and 8. Generally Mongolia is +7 hours ahead of GMT.
Capital: Ulaanbaatar (or UB in brief) which is divided into 9 districts. Ulaanbaatar has over one million citizens.
Country code: 976 for Mongolia and city code 11 for Ulaanbaatar.
Electric current: The standard voltage is 220 volts/ 50 Hz. Sockets require a two-pin type plug or adapter.
Currency: Tugrug. Exchange rate is 1 USD= 1250 tugrug as of Jan, 2011.
Hotels and tourist shops accept credit cards: Visa Card, MasterCard and American Express.
Terrain: The Gobi Desert in the south and southeast, mountains in the west, north and central area, vast steppes in the east and south.
Climate: Continental dry climate. Average summer temperature +20oC (68oF), average winter temperature -26oC (-15oF), average rainfall 200-250 mm (8-10 inch) .
Seasons: Summer (Jun, Jul, Aug), Autumn (Sep, Oct, Nov), Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb) and Spring (Mar, Apr, May).
Tourism season: From middle of May to the beginning of October. July and August are the peak times.
Safety: Generally Mongolia is very safe country and relatively crime free except for pickpockets.
Working hours: Working hours 09:00-18:00 and working days Monday- Friday.
Accommodations: There are up to 5-star hotels offering over 6000 beds as well as many smaller hotels, guesthouses and hostels of varying standards. Outside the Ulaanbaatar, comfortable ger camps are available.
Food: There are plenty of excellent restaurants in Ulaanbaatar offering traditional Mongolian food as well as European, Asian and International cuisines. Mongolian food includes beef, mutton, bread, pasta, rice, vegetable and dairy products.
Health: Visitors are advised to have medical insurance policy of their native countries. SOS Medica Mongolia is an excellent International clinic in Ulaanbaatar, in case you need medical care.
State structure: The country is administratively divided into the capital city, Ulaanbaatar and 21 provinces.
Parliamentary republic. President and 76 parliament members are elected every 4 years.
Economy: Economy is based on livestock breeding (sheep, goats, horses, cattle and camel), agriculture (vegetable and grain) and mining (mainly gold, coal, copper).
Religion: Buddhism and Shamanism (over 90%), Muslim (4%) and Christian.
Language: Mongolian (Kazakh in westernmost one province). Many young people in Ulaanbaatar also speak English, Russian, German, French and Japanese.
Mobile telephone: GSM 900 and CDMA networks are operated by Mobicom, Skytel, Unitel and G-mobile companies.
Internet: Access is available at business centers, hotels, internet cafes on the streets of Ulaanbaatar as well as some post offices of province centers.
Taxi: Every car in Ulaanbaatar is a potential taxi, however, there are official taxis with meters. Per km cost is 500 tugrugs (around 0.4 USD).
Public holidays: New Year (Jan 1), Lunar New Year or Tsagaan Sar (Jan or Feb), International Women’s Day (March 8), Mother and Children’s Day (June 1), Naadam Festival (July 11-12) and Independence Day (Nov 26).
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