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  Tour code & name Duration   Tour covering areas
    Auto Discovery Tours
AD-1. Best of Mongolia 1 (auto circuit version) 16 days   Southern, Central &Northern Mongolia
AD-2. Best of Mongolia 2 (version with local flights) 14 days   Southern, Central &Northern Mongolia
AD-3. Gobi and Karakorum 11 days   Southern &Central Mongolia
AD-4. Ancient Capital Karakorum 6 days   Central Mongolia
AD-5. Central Mongolian Highlights 8 days   Central Mongolia
AD-6. West and Central Mongolia (Nature Discovery tour) 21 days   Western, Central &Southern Mongolia
AD-7. Blue Pearl Khuvsgul Lake 4 days   Northern Mongolia
AD-8. Dream Gobi 6 days   Southern Mongolia
AD-9. Southern and Middle Gobi 9 days   Southern &Central Mongolia
AD-10. Gobi and Central Mongolian Wilderness 15 days   Southern &Central Mongolia
    Nomadic Culture and Historical Tours
NC-1. Chinggis Khaan's Birthplace 8 days   Eastern &Central Mongolia
NC-2. Nomads History and Culture 9 days   Central Mongolia
NC-3. Stay with Nomadic Family 6 days   Central Mongolia
    Festival and Events Tours
FE-1. Naadam& Gobi 15 days   Southern &CentralMongolia
FE-2. Naadam& Karakorum 9 days   Central Mongolia
FE-3. Hunter Eagle Festival Tour  7 days   Western &CentralMongolia
    Hiking and Trekking Tours
HT-1. Half Days of Hiking in Serene Nature 10 days   Central Mongolia
HT-2. Trekking on the Five Holy Peaks of Altai 10 day   Western &Central Mongolia
    Horseback and Camel Riding Tours
HCR-1. Camel Trip in the Gobi 7 days   Southern Mongolia
HCR-2. Camel Riding in ElsenTasarkhai Sand Dunes 6 days   Central Mongolia
HCR-3. Horseback Riding in the Beauty of the Khangai Mountains 10 days   Central Mongolia
    Fishing Tours
F-1. Taimen Fishing on the Confluence of Onon, Barkh and Eg Rivers 9 days   Eastern Mongolia
  Child Friendly Tours
CF-1. Child Friendly Tour 7 days   Central Mongolia
  Special Interest Tours
SI-1. Dinosaur Lands 9 days   Southern Mongolia
SI-2.Bird Watching in South & Central Mongolia 12 days   Southern &Central Mongolia
    Short and Day Tours
SD-1. Ulaanbaatar City Tour 1 day   Ulaanbaatar
SD-2. Genghis Statue + Terelj National Park 1 day   Central Mongolia
SD-3. Chinggis Khaan's Statue & The 13the Century Theme Park 1 day   Central Mongolia
SD-4. Khustai National Park 1 day   Central Mongolia
SD-5. Manzushir Monastery 1 day   Central Mongolia
SD-6. Trekking to the Top of Sacred Bogd Khan Mountain 1 day   Central Mongolia
SD-7. Karakorum and ElsenTasarkhai Sand Dunes 2 days   Central Mongolia
SD-8. Terelj, Chinggis Statue & XIII Century Park 2 days   Central Mongolia
SD-9. Terelj & Khustai National Parks, ElsenTasarkhai Sand Dunes 3 days   Central Mongolia
SD-10. Gorgeous Areas in & around Ulaanbaatar 4 days   Central Mongolia
    Winter Tours and Festivals
Most of the "Short and Day" tours are available in winter time. Please ask the possibilities and winter discounted prices from us. 1-4 days   Central Mongolia and in/around Ulaanbaatar
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