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We would like to invite you to experience with us the Mongolians’ nomadic life. This tour is designed for you to stay with Mongolian nomadic family for a few days and experience the all major traditions and activities. Live with nomads during 3 days and learn what work they do and how they successfully manage it all. You may stay with nomads in their ger dwelling or separate tents for overnights and ask any questions you want to know about their interesting life. We are sure that when...
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Central Mongolia is extremely rich in historical and cultural sites related to the entire history of Mongolian Nomads. While you are traveling on this tour, you will be provided with a great opportunity to visit large numbers of historical sites including the ruins of ancient capital of the Mongolian Empire, Karakorum, the famous Buddhist monastery Erdenezuu, legendary Taikhar Rock, rich exhibits of the Zayaiin Gegeen Museum, sites in the Orkhon River Valley related to the history of ancient...
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This amazing trip will take you to beautiful Eastern Mongolia or 13th Century Mongolia. Eastern Mongolia’s vast green steppe is famous for not only its pristine nature but also for Chinggis Khaan, the person of the millennium whose empire occupied half of the World in the 13th Century. For this reason there are plenty of exciting historical sites related to the Great Mongolian Empire and Chinggis Khaan such as the birthplace of Chinggis Khaan, Blue lake where Temuujin was entitled as a...
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