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Aguu Nuudelchid Co., Ltd
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Dear Traveller

Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in our tour services. The “Grand Nomads” team is happy to serve you with our well organized tours for individuals and tour groups of any size. Our tour itineraries, their durations and other services are flexible according to your wishes and needs. Please let us know what they are. We at “Grand Nomads” offer you 35 carefully designed Mongolian tours or trip itineraries of all types of tour categories as well as individual travel component services. If you have any special interests or requests or want to customize your tour itinerary and make it tailor-made for you,do not hesitate to contact us.We are always happy to serve and help you. Welcome to travelling in sunny Mongolia and enjoying your lifetime dream tour with Grand Nomads!

Our Best Sellers

Best of Mongolia Tour (17 days)

Do you want to visit to Mongolia’s most popular tourist destinations and experience the most interesting nomadic features in one tour? If yes, this tour is for you. Mongolia is a land of eternal blue sky, the mysterious Gobi desert, endless steppes, crystal clear lakes, untouched nature, unique culture, great history and hospitable nomads. All those wonderful places, nomadic experiences... See more

Gobi & Karakorum Tour (11 days)

The most popular tourist destinations in Mongolia are the Gobi and Karakorum, the ancient capital of Great Mongolian Empire. This entirely overland tour will take you from Ulaanbaatar to central Mongolia through the great Gobi Desert. Central Mongolia is extremely rich in historical and cultural sites related to Mongolian Nomads. The Gobi Desert is one of the most unique, untouched and... See more

Chinggis Khaan's Birthplace Tour (8 days)

This amazing trip will take you to beautiful Eastern Mongolia or 13th Century Mongolia. Eastern Mongolia’s vast green steppe is famous for not only its pristine nature but also for Chinggis Khaan, the person of the millennium whose empire occupied half of the World in the 13th Century. For this reason there are plenty of exciting historical sites related to the Great Mongolian Empire and... See more

Nomads' History & Culture Tour (9 days)

Central Mongolia is extremely rich in historical and cultural sites related to the entire history of Mongolian Nomads. While you are traveling on this tour, you will be provided with a great opportunity to visit large numbers of historical sites including the ruins of ancient capital of the Mongolian Empire, Karakorum, the famous Buddhist monastery Erdenezuu, legendary Taikhar Rock, rich... See more

Naadam and Gobi Tour (15 days)

We offer you a combination trip to the legendary Gobi Desert and the Great Naadam Festival, Mongolian’s joy. In the Gobi, you will view vast steppes, massive sand dunes, the ice canyon of the hot Gobi, wonderful natural creations, and ultimately bright stars in the inky black Gobi night sky. You will also visit a local nomadic family, ride two-humped camels and see the... See more

Half Days of Hiking in Serene Nature (10 days)

Are you looking for personally guided short or day tours in and around Ulaanbaatar? If yes, this tour gives you a chance to visit the most popular and gorgeous areas around Ulaanbaatar and have an exciting city tour in the capital of Mongolia. In Ulaanbaatar, you will visit the most interesting museums, the city’s central square, Buddha Park and Zaisan Hill where you see the best... See more

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I strongly endorse Grand Nomads Tour Company as the best tour company to provide the most comprehensive and rewarding experience in beautiful and culturally unique Mongolia…. Later on my three subsequent tours with Grand Nomads, she scheduled, organized, and guided them to different parts of the country. See more

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Join in Tour Set Departures

Tour name: AD-1. Best of Mongolia 1 Tour (auto circuit version), 17 days Schedule: June 25- July 11(can be extended with Naadam festival July 11), August 5- 21

Tour name: AD-2. Best of Mongolia 2 Tour (version with local flights), 16 days Schedule: June 14- 29, July 12- July 27 (can be extended with Naadam festival July 11), August 12- 27

Tour name: AD-3. Gobi and Karakorum Tour, 11 days Schedule: July 19- 29, August 10- 20, September 3- 13

Tour name: FE-1. Naadam and Gobi Tour, 15 days Schedule: June 30 – July 14

Tour name: FE-2. Naadam and Karakorum Tour, 9 days Schedule: July 10-18

Tour name: FE-3. Hunter Eagle Festival Tour, 7 days Schedule: Oct 1 – Oct 7

Or you can call for individuals joining to your own scheduled tour departure here.

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